O/o Registrar of Newspapers for India
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Government of India

About Annual Statement

Annual Statement
  1. Every publisher shall, in respect of his newspaper or each of his newspaper, furnish to the Press Registrar an annual statement relating to
    each[financial year] in FormII containing the particulars specified therein, so as to reach the Press Registrar on or before[the last day of May]
    of the following year
  2. whenever there is a change in the retail selling price of a newspaper as furnished in any statement, the publisher shall, within 48 hours of
    such change, send intimation thereof to the Press Registrar

Note:-The annual statement to be furnished by each publisher for the period from !st January, 2002 to 31st March,2002 has been waived off,
in the view of the amended cycle of the annual statement

Annual statement etc.,to be furnished by newspapers.-
It shall be the duty of the publisher of every newspaper-
  1. to furnish to the Press Registrar an annual statement in respect of the newspaper at such time and containing such of the particulars refereed to in
    sub-section(2) of section 19B as may be prescribed;
  2. to publish in the at such times and such of the particulars relating to the newspaper refereed to in sub-section(2) of section 19B
    as may be specified in this behalf by the Press Registrar.


Where the printer and publisher of a newspaper,refused to resign and to discharge their duties as printers and publishers and the Manager and Editor of the paper, filed the declaration under section 19-D, in the name of the Publishers,the Manager and the Editor, were not liable for offense either under section 465 or under section 471 of the Indian Penal Code; R.R. Diwaker v. B. Guttal, 1975 Cr LJ 90

Penalty for Contravention of Section 19D or section 19E, etc.
If the publisher of any newspaper -
  1. refuses or neglects to comply with the provisions of section 19D or section 19E; or
  2. publishers in the newspapers in pursuance of clause(b) of section 19D any particulars relating to the newspaper
    which he has reason to believe to be false,

he shall be punishable with fine which may extend to One Thousand Rupees .